Finances and Expenditure​​

Update on local NHS finances

While more people than ever before are calling on its services, our NHS is facing the biggest financial challenge it has known. 

Our health and care services are under pressure and need to change and adapt in response to the continuously increasing demand. And while all the different parts of the NHS – from GPs to hospitals, mental health services to community services and the local council’s social care services – are working together to find solutions, the NHS needs us, the people it was set up to serve, to do their bit as well. 

Annual Report and Accounts

Read our Annual Report and Accounts which details our work during the relevant year and outlines some of the most significant achievements and challenges.




Operational Scheme of Delegation

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Trade Union (Facility Time Publication Requirements) Regulations

The CCG does not meet the employee number condition to be a relevant public sector employer as defined by the Trade Union (Facility Time Publication Requirements) Regulations 2017 and has no employees to report.

Each NHS trust and health body is directed by the Secretary of State to provide counter fraud provision, these counter fraud officers are working with the CCG towards eradicating fraud within the NHS. 

If you work for our CCG and have a suspicion of a fraud occurring in your workplace, or if you are a member of the public that is concerned that a fraud might be taking place at the trust please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Your counter fraud team are accredited professionals and belong to NHS Protect. Their contact details are: 

Alternatively you can contact the NHS Fraud and Corruption Reporting Line 0800 028 40 60 or submit a report online

  • By health professionals: fraud by NHS professionals includes claiming for treatment or services not provided (e.g. medicines use reviews at pharmacies, dental treatment or optical services not carried out) and working elsewhere while on sick leave
  • By managers and staff: fraud by NHS managers and staff includes submitting fraudulent claims for grants and payments (e.g. false or inflated travel or subsistence claims, and fraudulent applications for funding and training)
  • By contractors and suppliers: contractor and supplier fraud includes charging for items of a higher quality or greater quantity than those supplied, and using inappropriate tendering processes
  • By patients: patient fraud includes claiming for free or reduced cost treatment and services when not entitled, and using aliases to get prescription drugs.  

The NHS Counter Fraud Service wants to hear from you if you have any suspicions of fraud. If in doubt – make the referral. Remember, fraud in the NHS deprives hospitals and patients of valuable equipment, staff and resources and costs you, the taxpayer, more money to fund the NHS. It’s your NHS. Don’t let them get away with it. 

Expenditure over £25k

Investments (avoiding emergency admissions and national fines)

Investments including the 70% Margina​​l Threshold Investments by East Surrey CCG​

NHS East Surrey CCG has reinvested its acute marginal rate saving within First Community Health and Care for application or use in admissions avoidance schemes. This non-recurrent sum forms part of the FCHC contract and was estimated to be £1.1m for 2015/16.

In addition, NHS East Surrey CCG has applied/ is expecting to apply the following fines during 2015/16:

Contract Penalties 2015/16​ £'000 £'000 £'000
Quality Requirements Q1-3 Q4 FOT Total
Operational Standard - RTT (E.B.3) 114 38 153
Operational Standard - Diagnostic Waiting Times (E.B.4) 0 0 0
Operational Standard - A&E Waits (E.B.5) 15 5 20
Operational Standard - Cancer Waits - 2 weeks (E.B.6, E.B.7) 5 2 7
Operational Standard - Cancer Waits - 31 days (E.B.8 - E.B.11) 0 0 0
Operational Standard - Cancer Waits - 62 days (E.B.12 - E.B.14) 2 1 3
Operational Standard - Cat A Ambulance (E.B.15 - E.B.16) 0 0 0
Operational Standard - Mixed Sex Accommodation Breaches (E.B.S.1) 0 0 0
Operational Standard - Cancelled Operations (E.B.S.2) 0 0 0
Operational Standard - Mental Health (E.B.S.3) 0 0 0
National Quality Requirement - MRSA (E.A.S.4) 5 2 6
National Quality Requirement - Clostridium Difficile (E.A.S.5) 4 1 6
National Quality Requirement - RTT Waits over 52 weeks (E.B.S.4) 0 0 0
National Quality Requirement - Ambulance / A&E Handovers (E.B.S.7 - E.B.S.8) 231 77 308
National Quality Requirement - Trolley Waits (E.B.S.5) 0 0 0
National Quality Requirement - Cancelled Op 2nd time (E.B.S.6) 0 0 0
National Quality Requirement - VTE Risk Assessment 0 0 0
National Quality Requirement - Publication of Formulary 0 0 0
National Quality Requirement - Duty of Candour 0 0 0
National Quality Requirement - Valid NHS Number 0 0 0
National Quality Requirement - Mental Health min Data Set 0 0 0
National Quality Requirement - IAPT min Data Set 0 0 0
Local Requirements 0 0 0
Never Events 1 0 2
Total 378 126 503