Governing body

Meet the governing body 

Papers for all Governing Body meetings can be found on our Meetings in public page.


Dr Elango Vijaykumar
Dr Elango Vijaykumar - Clinical Chair
David Hill
Dr David Hill - GP Member and Assistant Clinical Chair
Dr Howard Cohen
Dr Howard Cohen - GP Member
David Congdon
David Congdon - Lay Member and Deputy Chair
Adrian Brown
Adrian Brown - Lay Member Governance
Yvette Wright
Yvette Robbins - Lay Member for Patient and Public Involvement
Carol Pearson
Carol Pearson - Lay Member Governance
Debbie Stubberfield
Debbie Stubberfield - Board Nurse
Secondary Care Doctor - Vacancy
Secondary Care Doctor - Vacancy
Practice Manager - Vacancy
Practice Manager - Vacancy
Matthew Tait - Joint Accountable Officer
Karen McDowell
Karen McDowell - Chief Finance Officer

Attendees (non-voting members)

Sumona Chatterjee - East Surrey ICP Director