How We Work

What are we responsible for?

CCGs are responsible for planning, buying and monitoring the quality of the majority of local NHS services covering:

  • The care and treatment you may need in hospital and in the community
  • Prescribing
  • Mental health services
  • Support and services for people living with learning disabilities.

Importantly this CCG is not responsible for the commissioning of primary care, which includes your GP practice, dentists and opticians – these areas are commissioned by the local offices of NHS England.

How we make decisions

We are accountable to every patient and member of our local community in East Surrey. You can hold us to account and make sure that we are delivering the best possible health services for you and your family. 

Each of our GP member practices is responsible for the decisions we make as a CCG. They have collectively delegated their authority for these decisions to a number of groups which meet regularly to carry out the work of the CCG.

The Governing Body

Our Governing Body oversees the decisions that the CCG makes about local health services, ensuring our activities meet the best standards of quality for the local population. Our Governing Body meets in public at least four times a year. We strongly encourage public attendance at these meetings and openly invite you to attend. 

You can read more about the Governing Body's work and its members as well as any upcoming meetings on our Governing Body page.

Practices Commissioning Committee

The group brings together GPs and Practice Managers from the East Surrey locality. It seeks to ensure all of our membership practices are actively involved, on a collaborative basis, and contributes to the overall direction of our work by engaging with expert GPs and senior clinicians, lay members and patients.

Patient Reference Group (PRG)

The CCG also has a Patient Reference Group through which patient representatives from practices and other groups across East Surrey meet together to discuss local health services and the CCG’s work. The PRG members monitor and provide feedback on engagement activities to assure the CCG Governing Body that the engagement of public and patients is an integral part of all activity. This group is key to ensuring the health services in our local area are responsive to what you tell us you need.