Case Studies of CCG Engagement


Family Fun Days in East Surrey: 

As part of the Big Health and Care Conversation, we spoke to over 100 families with young children at Family Fun Days at Smallfield on 7 August 2018, Holland and Hurst Green on 14 August 2018 and Caterham on 21 August 2018. 

We wanted to listen to, understand and act on what really matters to patients and people in our communities. We expected that our conversations would, at times, be difficult, as we focused on the issues we face and restricted finances, but we also explored areas that we wanted to improve upon. 

A summary report and full report of the feedback can be found here, but we have outlined some of the comments below: 

You Said:

  • Support groups, social events, outings and most importantly intergenerational activities were all seen as important for physical health and emotional wellbeing and perhaps something that communities could begin to build themselves. 

We Did:

  • We commissioned Altogether Better to work with 8 GP practices to develop Collaborative Practice - Practices and local people find new, collaborative ways of working together, making life better for everyone e.g. coffee mornings, outdoor exercise (gym, walking, cycling), book clubs, IT support classes. 
  • We will roll out Altogether Better project to more ESCCG practices. 
  • We will present work in East Surrey to Crawley CCG and Horsham and Mid-Sussex CCG in January and February 2019. 

You Said:

  • NHS 111 is very useful and helpful, particularly for new Mums, but more needs to be done to promote it. 

We Did: 

  • We launched a winter campaign 'Help Us, Help You' to raise awareness of NHS 111, using a range of channels to communicate and reach people such as newspapers, posters, social media, CCG websites, videos, Patient Roundup newsletter, podcast as well as face-to-face engagement. 
  • We produced a flyer that gave a clear message about what services are available, which was circulated in GP surgeries, Improved Access Hubs and Hospitals. 
  • We used consistent messages across Sussex and East Surrey to reduce confusion but we also used localised messages as we know our communities vary across Sussex and East surrey. 
  • We will launch a Sussex and East surrey Integrated Urgent Care communication campaign in 2019, with the aim of promoting the services that are already established.