A new Health and Wellbeing Strategy for Surrey

We want the people of Surrey to live longer, healthier lives. We believe that people should be supported to look after themselves and those they care for, and have access to services when they need them. And we want to deliver better health and wellbeing outcomes within our budget. The draft strategy describes how Surrey partners plan to work together with local communities to transform services to achieve these aims, and has three key priorities:

·       Helping people in Surrey to lead healthy lives

·       Supporting the emotional wellbeing of people in Surrey

·       Supporting people in Surrey to fulfil their potential

The strategy focuses on a single set of agreed priorities for the county, in particular where we can effect change as a partnership. It is not meant to include everything, and therefore doesn’t cover sector specific, organisational or local plans although these will all need to be aligned to this overarching work.

We are committed to making a real change for the next generation by focusing on these areas and on those groups within the population who need more support.  We have been talking to our citizens about these issues for several years, and the ideas put forward in this document build on those discussions.

The draft strategy is now live on the Surrey Says website here – follow the links and let us have your thoughts.  This plan is only the first step in engagement with local communities, and acknowledges the importance of engaging further with the Surrey population as we come to implement the plan over the next 10 years.

The Surrey Health & Wellbeing Board