Help us help you stay well this Christmas

While we’re all busy making preparations for the holiday period it’s easy to forget about looking after your health and the health of those close to you, but there are a few simple things you can do to help you to stay well over the festive season.

People in East Surrey are being reminded to stock up on their medicines before the Christmas holidays start.

The message from the NHS is be prepared. If you take regular medication make sure you check you have enough medicine to see you through the holiday period.

Dr Alison Taylor, Medical Director for NHS England, Kent, Surrey and Sussex, said: “If you or someone you care for takes medicines regularly, don’t forget to make sure you order and collect repeat prescriptions in plenty of time to ensure you have enough medicine to cover the festive season.” 

“When you are in the pharmacy it is also the ideal opportunity to stock up on self-care treatments for conditions like coughs, colds and upset stomachs.”

Although local pharmacies may have restricted opening hours over Christmas and New Year, there will be some local pharmacies open each day should you need them. This year for the first time there will also be some GP practices and pharmacies open on Christmas Day for anyone needing urgent medical help.

You can find details of your nearest pharmacy on the NHS website at

You can speak to your local pharmacist for advice about which medicines you should have in stock to help you and your family over the winter season. 

If you start to feel unwell, even if it is just a cough or cold, you can get advice from your pharmacist before it gets more serious.  

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