Mental Health Project 

As part of our work around mental health in Surrey, Healthwatch Surrey are planning to hold a series of drop in sessions from the end of February – March 2018.

The purpose of these drop in sessions is to give opportunity to working age adults who currently or have in the past 18 months, accessed formal community or inpatient mental health services, to share their experiences with us.

Our friendly volunteers and members of the Healthwatch Surrey team will be on hand for two hours at each drop in to have an informal chat or to provide alternative ways to give feedback, such as freepost envelopes for any written comments.

We are hoping to speak to as many people as possible to get a fuller picture of what it is like to access mental health support as an adult in Surrey and to understand what is going well and what could be done better.

The experiences people share with us will be kept completely anonymous and will be used in combination to create a report with recommendations for commissioners and providers. We hope that you will support us in offering this opportunity to your contacts and hope that the feedback we receive will help to shape local mental health services in Surrey for the future.