​​​PAD (Prescribing Advisory Database)

The Surrey Prescribing Advisory Database (PAD)  is an innovative resource which can be accessed by healthcare professionals in primary and secondary care and by patients. The PAD provides guidance and key information on medicines use within Surrey. You can search by medicine, condition or NICE technology appraisal. Information available on the PAD includes: 

  • Recommendations, decisions, policy statements and submission papers from our Prescribing Clinical Network and Medicines Commissioning Group
  • Links to associated NICE Technology Appraisals
  • Relevant drug / safety alerts issued by the NPSA, EMEA and the MHRA
  • Local Policies, procedures, protocols and guidelines relating to the use of medicines
  • Materials used in the course of optimising medicines use e.g. audit tools, letter templates

Each drug entry on the PAD has been assigned a Traffic Light​ Status, which is a locally agreed colour-coded guidance system on the use of medicines across the interface between primary and secondary care. It provides a framework for defining where clinical and therefore prescribing responsibility should lie. The system is only advisory but is intended to clarify expectations of prescribing responsibility​.